About This Site

My name is Jason Sidney Wise, and this website is mostly about my father, Sid Wise.  In real life I call him Dad, but on this site, I’ll just call him Sid.

Sid has led a fascinating life, and he’s a great storyteller.  He sometimes embellishes his stories or gets a few facts mixed up, but the most surprising elements of his stories often turn out to be verifiable, or at least almost true.  For example, he told me that he once interviewed Wilbur Wright, which is definitely not true.  However, I can give you the exact date when Sid and Orville Wright were in the same place, so I believe that he interviewed Orville.  Expect these stories to be mostly true, partly verifiable, partly embellished, and entirely interesting.

One of my motivations for creating this site is that my father has gotten a lot of bad press.  In 1977, a triple homicide at a Girl Scout camp drew international attention, and Sid happened be the district attorney on the case.  The crime is considered unsolved (depending on whom you ask), so to this day, people discuss it and write books about it.  Unfortunately, the first book portrayed Sid as a bumbling, publicity-seeking politician, and no one who has written about him since then has actually known much about him.  Eventually, I’ll write about the murder investigation and hopefully clear up a few facts.  For now, I hope to show that there’s a lot more to Sid than his role as a sideshow in Girl Scout murder stories.

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